What is ED ?

What is Erectile Dysfunction ?

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is a mans inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient enough for sexual intercourse. Occasional erection problems are not necessarily erectile dysfunction. However, if the problem is ongoing, it can cause anxiety, stress, undermine self-confidence, and affect some relationships.

What causes Erectile Dysfunctions?

Erectile Dysfunction varies among the wide population, while many men have difficulty in getting erection, others fail to sustain the erection during sexual intercourse, while some others experience ‘lazy erection’ where the erection is partial and not fully rigid. Irrespective of the condition, if a man experiences any one of the above he is running the risk of suffering from what is called as erectile dysfunction. ED is a medical condition and has to be tested and treated.The more common causes

Drugs like Nicotine and Anti-Depressants may cause the condition of ED. Smoking and alcohol. While drinking large amount of alcohol can cause interim erectile dysfunction, smoking has potential to damage the blood vessels resulting in poor blood flow to the penis.Oral Treatment

The easiest and viable treatment for ED exists in the oral form. Kamagra Oral Jelly, Kamagra Tablets, Apcalis Oral Jelly and Apcalis Tablets are all oral medications recommended for most men with ED. They are some of the most common medications now being used by men to combat ED. Before you take any medication you should always check with your medical professional and get a detailed guideline of whether the above treatments are right for you.